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About Liebenzell

Liebenzell USA is a Christian organization which exists to help people worldwide come to know Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, education, and humanitarian aid by partnering with churches to recruit, send, and support missionaries, facilitating Christian retreats, conferences and projects for the benefit of our ministry partners, and motivating Christians to greater mission awareness.

Throughout scripture, there has always been something meaningful and profound about "the mountaintop." Abraham went there to sacrifice, Moses went there to worship, Jesus went there to pray. It is the destination of a special journey, taken for the sole purpose of communing with God.

When you visit the Liebenzell Retreat Center and Guest House, on Schooley's Mountain, you will find a place that has been uniquely set apart for such an experience. Liebenzell was founded 70 years ago as a refuge from the struggles and strife of the world and it remains so today.

Come to the mountaintop to set aside the concerns of the world and be "re-created."