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Covid-19 Retreat Information

A message from Liebenzell:

We know that COVID-19 is still active in our area, and around the world. We are open and welcome you to come and find respite here at Liebenzell. Please come and experience God’s special calmness on the mountain.

We continue to offer up this prayer as we go through this challenging time.

Lord, we pray for your love and compassion as we walk through this challenging season.

We pray for those who are suffering with sickness and all who are caring for them.

We ask for protection for the elderly and the vulnerable to not succumb to the risks of the virus.

Lord, may we approach each day in faith and peace, trusting in the truth of your goodness towards us.

What to know before your arrival:

Thanks so much for choosing Liebenzell Retreat Ministries! We look forward to providing you with excellent service during your stay. As you are aware, New Jersey is currently recovering from COVID-19. Please be mindful of the following information to help us keep you safe during your stay.

  • Make sure that you are not exhibiting signs of COVID-19. If you are, please make sure you stay home and take care of yourself.

  • If you are traveling internationally or from out of state, please click this link to find and follow necessary travel restrictions.

  • Prior to coming, take your temperature at home to make sure that you don’t have a fever.

  • Pack a mask or two. Masks are required while indoors. They may be required outdoors if you cannot maintain the 6-foot social distance requirement.

  • Although LRM will be following the CDC/NJDOH guidelines for cleaning and disinfection, we cannot predict the spread of COVID-19. We will be providing hand sanitizer in your meeting space and dining space. You are welcome to bring your own hand sanitizer materials as well.

  • Get ready to enjoy your retreat here at LRM!

During your stay:

  • Honor all policies and procedures in place. Make sure you are not exceeding room capacity requirements.
  • Please monitor your temperature. If it rises above 100.4 or begin to show any other COVID-19 symptoms, please isolate in your room until you are able to go home and contact your physician immediately. Please help us by doing this to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.
  • Meeting room and dining room seating will be arranged to maintain the 6-foot social distance seating requirements.
  • Our cleaning staff will be going through the building and disinfecting high-touch points throughout the day.

After your stay:

  • Please continue to monitor for COVID-19. If you or any other guest from your group is diagnosed with COVID-19 within two weeks of your stay, please notify LRM immediately.