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Mission & Purpose

Liebenzell Retreat Ministries is a Christian retreat center located on Schooley’s Mountain, in northwestern New Jersey. We provide a peaceful, beautiful and refreshing environment for groups and individuals to grow in and experience the transformational love of Jesus Christ.

Liebenzell Retreat Ministries strives to be a strong establishment by glorifying God, serving Him daily, seeking His will daily, showing Christian love and respecting others at all times. We do this by reaching for the highest standard of quality and integrity in every area of service, every piece of literature and every source we provide to our guests, missionaries, community and staff members.

Located only 50 miles west of NYC, Liebenzell can accommodate retreats of all sizes from personal retreats for pastors to large groups up to 250. We meet the needs of most any Christian group.

We hope to see you and your group here on the mountain soon!