Other Pricing Information

Mid-Week Promotion

Get 25% off lodging when you book before July 1, 2018.

Only applies to retreats that are held between Monday and Thursday.

Discount only applies to lodging at standard booking rate.

This discount cannot be combined with other discounts. 

Mid-Week Retreats available at Guest House Year Round.

Mid-Week Retreats available at Retreat Center only May 15th to Labor Day.

Use Promotional Code MW2018

Bring a Friend:

When a group you invite books a retreat you get 10% off your next retreat and they get 10% off their first retreat. This discount only applies once the invited group has paid a deposit, the invited group must also make us aware who invited them. 

Uninsured Fee:

$2.00 per person/per day unless a valid
"Certificate of Liability Insurance"
is submitted prior to the retreat

Sales Tax:

New Jersey Sales Tax will be charged unless a current
"NJ Tax-Exempt Certificate" (ST-5 or ST-4) is presented PRIOR to the retreat.
sales tax is non refundable.