Our rustic dining hall can feed up to 140 hungry people at a sitting. Meals are served cafeteria style. Our staff will be happy to arrange for special snacks or meals, too.

Our 250 seat auditorium is heated and air-conditioned for year-round use. This building also contains a game room balcony for your enjoyment. Most of our other buildings also have meeting facilities for your use.

Map of our grounds

  1. Future Construction/Storage

  2. Lodge

  3. Dining Hall

  4. Red Arrow Lodge

  5. Double Cabin

  6. Staff Residence

  7. Main Parking Area

  8. Maintenance Shop

  9. Auditorium

  10. Parking

  11. Beechtree Lodge

  12. Fishing Pond

  13. Volleyball Court

  14. Basketball Court

  15. Playground

  16. Picnic Area

  17. Hiking Trail to Guest House (0.5 miles)

  18. Pool, Showers, Rest Rooms

  19. Bon Fire Circle

  20. Athletic Field

  21. Tent/Wildness Camping

— South Campus Boundaries