established is 1942

Pictured: July 19, 1942, the founding day of LM USA - formerly "Ebenezer Mission Home".

Pictured: July 19, 1942, the founding day of LM USA - formerly "Ebenezer Mission Home".

In the mid 1800s, Schooleys Mountain was a popular summer vacation spot for New York City residents. The pure mineral springs, invigorating mountain air and the romantic surroundings made Schooleys Mountain one of the country’s best health resorts. Immersed in the beauty of nature, guests came to retreat and relax in what is now called the “Ebenezer” building.

By the late 1930s, though the refreshing mineral spring and its sequestered beauty remained, the guests had moved on to resorts near the shore. The “Ebenezer” building and its surrounding land was for sale.

Around that time Henry and Anna Zimmerman, missionaries from the Liebenzell Mission located in Germany, arrived in the US to raise support. 6 weeks after their arrival, WW2 broke out in Europe and the couple found themselves unable to return home.

Instead of being discouraged, the Zimmerman’s trusted the Lord had them here for His glorious purposes. With much prayer and help from the local American-German Christian population in Philadelphia and New Jersey, the property in Schooleys Mountain was purchased.

Initially a mission home for others displaced by the war, the property grew from a guesthouse for missionaries to both a retreat center for local churches and the headquarters for Liebenzell Mission of USA.

In 1951, Norman Dietsch was sent out from Schooleys Mountain to Manus Island, Papua New Guinea as the first Liebenzell USA missionary. Today, Liebenzell Mission International is active in 26 different countries with over 230 missionaries and the goal of reaching the least, the last and the lost with the love of Christ!

The Retreat Center is used to minister to the churches in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. Its purpose is to provide churches in the area with a space to allow their congregation to come out of its surroundings and experience the intimacy of knowing God personally and to reach the least, the last and the lost in our own backyard.

Your group will love the experience they have here as they join with God on the mountain.

We look forward to your stay.