Gather around a crackling bonfire while your group enjoys the amber glow. Nothing beats the sizzling of hot dogs and the sweet smell of marshmallows as the melt over the open fire. Relax while your group enjoys themselves as the fire illuminates and provides the perfect environment for your retreat.


Be refreshed by jumping into the cool crystal blue water in our swimming pool. Nothing beats relief from the summer heat like this. Not only that, but our pool is great for a sweet and intimate time with the Lord for your groups baptism service.



Prayer Walk/ Hiking Path

Find peace and clarity as you walk our prayer path. There are stations along the way for you to rest, be still and know that He is with you. You will enjoy breathing in the crisp air as you walk through through the serene fields and forests. Get to know the beauty of God’s creation as you meet with Him here. As the song says, “When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word, what glory He sheds on our way.”


Enjoy the outdoors with a sweet game of hoops. Nothing beats hearing that sweet swoosh sound as the ball sweeps through the net. Basketball is available on both the North and South campus.



Fishing Pond

Spend time admiring the tranquility of God’s creation at our pond. Stocked with fish, it is the ideal location to relax and enjoy some catch and release fishing. Please bring your own equipment and bait!


Our Volleyball court is a sand volleyball court that will provide your group with a lot of fun. So when you come, plan on playing a couple of games. We’ll have the balls ready and waiting for you to play.




With swings, slides and a climbing wall the playground is loads of fun for kids of all ages. The playground is located on the South Campus near the campground.

Game Room

Your group is going to have a blast challenging each other with extremely fun games of Ping-Pong, Foosball, Air Hockey and Pool .



Gaga Court

Have fun and laugh with this fast paced and energetic game. Gaga Ball is played by rolling a ball using hands only while running, jumping and dodging getting hit below the knees. If you’re hit, you’re out. The action heats up as more players play and the balls double. This game is fast, and hilariously fun for all ages.

PM Branch.jpg


PraiseMoves is the Christian Alternative to Yoga. PraiseMoves is a series of stretching and strength building postures, each linked to a verse of Scripture that we focus upon while doing each posture. While we are exercising, we are speaking and meditating on God’s Word. You can join us for a regularly scheduled class, or book an exclusive class for your retreat.

Multipurpose Fields

We have fields on both the North and South campuses that can host a variety of events for your retreat. From a prayer gathering to athletics our fields will definitely meet your needs.