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School Retreats

School Retreats are important to the growth and development of your students

Retreats help students to get out of their normal environment and to become open to growth and develop skills that they need for life. Liebenzell Retreat Ministries provides the space for student to grow in their education and their relationship with the Lord. We have seen that school retreats here help students to be better equipped in public speaking, leadership, teamwork and understanding who they are as people. It is amazing to see students coming in distracted and becoming so focused on their purpose here that nothing can sway them. Time and time again, we see young people come exhausted and leaving renewed.

Your Retreat is created to meet your school’s needs. We offer the following:

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as requested

  • Meeting Space and Breakout session spaces

  • Fields for games & activities

  • Pool for swimming/baptisms (Labor Day- Memorial Day only)

  • Lodging that includes Bedding and Some dormitory style as well

  • Game Rooms

  • And More…