Volunteer At Liebenzell

It is a blessing to serve and a blessing to be served. We are always on the lookout for people with servant hearts who are willing to help us make Liebenzell an ideal place to be re-created.


Whether you are interested in volunteering as a group, or on your own, we are always looking for volunteers who are able to help with...

Tree Removal.JPG


... seasonal cleaning outdoors, lawn mowing, cutting and removal of trees, and gardening. We love it when we look out the window and see God's creation in all it's finery, and your service makes that experience all the more enjoyable.

Seasonal cleaning

... washing windows, cleaning places that aren't regularly cleaned, etc. With this out of the way our staff are able to focus on their individual jobs without having to worry about the beauty of our property. We want to keep our lodges clean and welcoming to groups who visit. This is a great opportunity to serve the Lord and others as well.


special projects

If you are skilled in a trade such as plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc., we would love your help. There is always something to do that will further the impact of the retreat center, and organization as a whole.


P.s.: Although we do have certain landscaping tools available, things work out best when volunteers bring their own supplies.


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